Sunday, July 6, 2008

a new neckline without a hood

See the inside neckline with picked up stitches for the front edge border, K2P2. When I ripped the hood, I was able to save the front edging along the sleeve caps and back. I re-attached the border successfully. I was so relieved that I would not have to re-knit the entire border and buttonholes. But the seam where the border was re-attached was thick because the yarn was bulky and I did not want to see that thick edge every time I took the jacket on and off.

Solution: I picked up stitches along the re-sewn edge and created an inner collar. After the second collar was knitted in K2P2, same as the border, I tacked it in several places to the original border so that the thick edge was hidden. The jacket now looks smooth, inside and out!