Sunday, July 6, 2008

done! Twinkle Jacket modified ...

The jacket is done! Hooray! It is such a good feeling. The jacket is hanging from a chair near my computer and its' 90 degrees outside. I don't want to put it away for the Fall but I will reluctantly. Even my dear husband remarked this morning that it was alot of work (not the knitting with less than 2 stitches per inch).

The pattern creates a non-hood, no ease to gather the hood by my face - no comfort here. I'd never wear it as knitted so I ripped..... I was able to separate the K2P2 band that ran along the hood and both left and right front edges so that I would not have to re-knit it after frogging the hood. Without the hood, the sweater fit smoothly against my back. Nice.... I still don't know why so few knitters on Ravelry knit this jacket. Maybe the hood was a turn off?

When knitting in bulky yarn, experience is a great teacher. The simplest bind off or pick up of stitches becomes a heavy seam. One stitch buttonholes (K2tog YO) became huge holes in the knitted fabric. Shank buttons become floppy disks and pull the yarn from the inside to the front of the buttonhole because there's no support. Modifications and considerations are required and you'll see below some of the pattern changes made.