Wednesday, July 2, 2008

about the pattern

This pattern is poorly written in many places. For example, the spacing of the buttonholes and the hood. An example follows. After picking up # stitches for the K2P2 band around the entire right front, hood and left front the directions continue "work in K2P2 for 2 1/2" making 6 buttonholes....". No spacing! Since the band incorporates the hood and the pictures in the magazine only show 5 buttonholes: 1) where is the top of the neckline for the uppermost button and 2) what is the spacing for the holes? The hood in the directions is too narrow to be a hood, it bunched up and just looked like extra material. After I sewed the buttons on, I pulled up the hood to show my husband who laughed and said that I look like a nun! because the hood fitted so tightly around my face. I ended up ripping the hood that was knitted upwards from the back piece and was able to salvage the knitted band by sewing the band back onto the back after the hood was ripped out. I love the sweater with its new collar.

The top of sleeve shaping was so confusing I needed to make a spreadsheet with row by row shaping instructions to interpret the following from Twinkle: "work decs at beg of rows as for front armhole shaping and work decrs at end of rows as for back armhole shaping." Maybe Vogue compressed the wording to meet their publishing needs? At 2 stitches to the inch, this knitted up so quickly and it did not have to confuse the knitter.