Monday, June 30, 2008

Seed Stitch Jacket

Dear readers, count 'em, 5 : the pattern calls for six, yes 6 button holes and 6 buttons but in the picture we do not see the 6th button hole because in this pattern, there is room for only 5! I did make the button band with 6 and we'll see. The instructions for the buttonholes did not include any spacing nor could I figure out where the top of the neck band was since the band was knitted to include an attached hood. Ah the diagram or dimensions in the pattern. The instructions for decreases in the center of the hood were ugly -slanted stitches in bulky yarn -frogged...gone.. no hoodie! I'd love Twinkle, the designer, to show us the six buttons closed up and the hood on the gorgeous Vogue model - still able to move her head, huh?