Friday, May 23, 2008

Vivian Hoxbro City Jacket

On the needles now - aren't I ambitious!
I purchased this as a kit after finding the design on the internet. I had to make it....Three years later, after getting engaged and married, I am ready to start this project. I didn't procrastinate. I could not understand the instructions for mitered triangles. But I'm ready now, having taken a workshop in mitered knitting. Size 2 needles are not for the faint of heart...I love knitting and it's the process, not the destination that enjoy. I always want to have a project on my needles ready to knit. A chunky, bulky knit is fun to knit but is finished too quickly like a love affair that turns into a one-night stand leaving you yearning for more. I like a long, slow knit so I can savor the journey.

The yarn is 100% pure wool Harrisville Designs, Inc. New Hampshire
New England Knitters Shetland

To find out more about Vivian Hoxbro designs, here's the link