Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Before felting my first project

The picture above is a knitted rectangle for an outside pocked on a tote bag. I read many knitting books about felting and there were almost no designs with monograms. This is because fiber does not felt evenly across a knitted piece - it felts tighter in the center than at the outer edges and while it's possible to restore square corners, a center design may appear distorted. I still wanted the initial for my still new (2006) last name on the outer pocket of a felted tote bag. I selected a capital letter from hundred of fonts on my PC and saved the file as a jpeg image. Then I opened the image of the capital 'A' in a cross stitch software program and it showed me the stitches! I had to simplify it further to accomodate the bulky stitch gauge (3 stitches per 1").
This is the jpeg capital 'A'