Sunday, August 12, 2007

favorite tools

Here are some of my favorite tools:
- diaper pins, safety pins (not pictured), shower curtain hooks make great stitch holders - for blocking knits, Ohio Table Top makes this beautiful padded blocking board with grid lines and inch measurements (purchased from - flower-head blocking pins are very thin and don't leave marks or holes in knitting - easy to peel off masking tape manufactured by PRO with 1 inch measures. This has is so useful wherever you want to put a temporary measuring line and it's accurate (from Pearl Art Supply)

I have found that having the right tools makes the functional stuff, such as blocking a garment, easier. Before I purchased these, I used a folding cardboard fabric cutting board and a hammer and nails to block a heavy sweater. I always make a knitted swatch to make sure that my needles, yarn and knitted stitches measure to the pattern gauge. Then when I block a piece, I pin my finished pieces before assembling to the padded board and measure. Sometimes I pin and measure while the stitches are still on my needles so that I'm sure that the finished knitting meets my expectations. Yes, it takes time, lots of time but I love the process and I'm in no rush to finish.

All of these tools